State of the State: What Snyder said about Detroit

State of the State: What Snyder said about Detroit

It took him little way into his 2015 State of the State speech, but Gov. Rick Snyder gave Detroit, its bankruptcy and its emergence from it a few minutes during the annual address last night.

Here’s audio of the whole speech:

Here’s what he said about Detroit:

(Begins at 16:11 into the speech) In terms of local government, one thing I have to mention in terms of opportunity and great outcomes, is the city of Detroit. We emerged from bankruptcy from the city of Detroit, a tremendously hard, difficult process that many people came together to do special things that stand out. And I do want to recognize the people that really made that happen, I want to recognize the retirees who made a sacrifice, who went through very difficult times and they were with us though to support the grand bargain. I want to recognize the hard work of the people at the DIA in terms of raising resources, the foundation committee for raising resources, all the great work that took place through this process to make Detroit a stronger, better place. In particular, I want to thank Mayor Duggan. Mayor, thank you and the city council for your strong effort. (APPLAUSE) 

A gentleman, a fellow U of M alumni who did tremendous work, we want to get him back in the state of Michigan Kevyn Orr. (APPLAUSE) and some of the individuals couldn’t join us, but Judge Rosen and Judge Rhodes did tremendous work in this effort, and I want to thank each and every legislator, for your conference, your courage to come together to stand up as Michiganders to say we are all one state. We’re strongest when we recognize it’s Detroit, Michigan, and the thing I’m proudest to say, after how many decades can each one of us say now that we all have the common goal of not dwelling on Detroit’s past, but saying let’s grow the city of Detroit, in particular put an emphasis on the neighborhoods to bring them back to be a great place to live in our state. Let’s see Detroit keep continue going up and Mayor you have my support and partnership in helping make that happen. Thank you (EXTENDED APPLAUSE to 18:32)


Then at 40:30: To give you an update on something though is of interest to many people on the whole situation of emergency managers, since I’ve been governor we’ve had 11 different cities or school districts that have had an EM. I’m pleased to report six of them have left emergency manager status and we have a seventh on the way. The system is generally working well, but the point is let’s avoid emergency managers, let’s do early warning, and the other thing I’m calling for is we need to do a scorecard for all local jurisdictions and state jurisdictions about financial performance and performance in terms of objectives that’s easier for our citizens to use and to see. Let’s create this easy-to-use scorecard that our citizens deserve so we can be more accountable and transparent on how we’re operating and what our challenges are within government.