Where They Live: Detroit Retirees by Zip Code

Where They Live: Detroit Retirees by Zip Code

The map above shows that most of Detroit’s non-uniform retirees live in Detroit, but the rest of them remaining in Michigan live throughout the state.

Using the data the Detroit Retired City Employees Association provided to the Michigan House Committee on Detroit’s Recovery and Michigan’s Future, Next Chapter Detroit mapped the zip codes where the retirees live. (The data did not include retired police or fire fighters nor retirees who live out of state. That’s below.) The highest concentrations of retirees live in northwest Detroit.

One of the furthest zip codes away that have a city retiree was in 49950, Mohawk, Mich., with one retiree. That’s 9.5 hours away from Detroit.

Shirley Lightsey, the president of the DRCEA, a voluntary membership organization that represents all retired city workers,  testified before the committee May 15 in favor of the 11-bill package that provides $195 million in funding and oversight provisions for Detroit.

Here’s the map of where retired Detroit police officers and firefighters live:

The data show that Detroit retirees live throughout the state, although they generally remain in the city and the metro area.