What’s in the deposition transcripts?

What’s in the deposition transcripts?

In advance of the city’s bankruptcy trial, scheduled to begin Aug. 21, attorneys are taking depositions from a number of people, gathering information that will inform and help shape legal strategies during the confirmation hearing on the city’s Plan of Adjustment.

And lucky for us, the Detroit Free Press has obtained partial transcripts of a few of them, namely Mayor Mike Duggan’s and City Council President Brenda Jones.

Duggan say it’s  “entirely possible” that Orr  remain in Detroit after Sept. 27, which is the first date the City Council can vote to dismiss him, according to the Michigan emergency manager law. The Freep reports Duggan saying he has discussed the prospect with Jones and some council members.

“Certainly Mr. Orr’s background and expertise are probably going to be needed post Sept. 27,” Duggan testified Friday in a deposition tied to the city’s upcoming bankruptcy trial. “It just would not be in the role of emergency manager.”

Jones, meanwhile, told attorneys she fell asleep several times while reading the 900 pages of bankruptcy documents city attorneys provided her.

“I have tried to review it and fell asleep with that reviewing,” she testified.