Judge changes trial procedure for individuals without attorneys

Judge changes trial procedure for individuals without attorneys

Judge Steven Rhodes today changed the way he’ll hear from individual creditors without attorneys during Detroit’s bankruptcy trial.

He’s delaying their appearances from their previously scheduled, dedicated Aug. 29 hearing to times and dates to be determined. Rhodes decided to have the attorneys for the city and creditors present their evidence in support of and in opposition to the Plan of Adjustment and allow the unrepresented individuals to attend the testimony of other witnesses and examine them as they appear. Both the city and creditors will make opening statements on Tuesday, Sept. 2.

“The Court finds that it would be more appropriate to schedule the presentation of evidence by these (unrepresented) parties after the represented parties have presented their cases-in-chief,” the judge wrote in an order.

According to court records, some 36 motions were filed by people who want to participate at the confirmation hearing. Judge Rhodes denied 23 of them, but he agreed to allow eight of the individuals to question witnesses who will be called by other creditors, including Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr. Eight individuals also will be permitted to present witnesses in support of their objections to confirmation.

Here is his Order Regarding Testimony