End of the Orr Era, almost

End of the Orr Era, almost

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is transferring control of the city’s government back to its elected officials, a major shift of power in the city that’s still in bankruptcy proceedings.

Orr’s order, which details the role he will play and what powers he will have, came after 16 hours of closed-door negotiations involving him, the bankruptcy case’s chief mediator, Mayor Mike Duggan, City Council and other officials. Under Michigan law, the city council could have voted to remove Orr with a two-thirds vote.

Orr will continue shepherding the city through the historic Chapter 9 case, the largest ever municipal bankruptcy. Duggan says he will now, finally have the authority to do the job he was elected to do. “While I had a good professional relationship with Mr. Orr, every single action I took was still subject to his approval,” Duggan says.

Orr will retain the title of emergency manager until the city’s plan to exit bankruptcy is approved and implemented.

Here’s what Detroit Free Press columnist Nancy Kaffer thinks about the move.


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