For Detroit, it’s time for the post-bankruptcy chapter

For Detroit, it’s time for the post-bankruptcy chapter

Effective at midnight tonight, Detroit is no longer in bankruptcy…and Kevyn Orr is no longer the emergency manager.

Here’s the last order he issued in his position.

Orr, Gov. Rick Snyder and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan met with reporters this morning. They made statements, thanked numerous parties and looked ahead to Detroit’s next chapter.

Here’s some of what they said:

From Orr:

“We are thankful that at this point the city will emerge later today, by the time I go to bed, from bankruptcy. We will exit and we look forward, truly to a better time for the city going forward.”

“The reality is that the city is moving forward and that gives me a great deal of pride and satisfaction.”

From Snyder:

“How can we make sure the neighborhoods are coming back, jobs are being created?”

“If you look at the timeframe, over the last year or so, we’ve seen a major improvement in city services which was long overdue.” 

“I want to recognize the retirees who are taking some cuts through this. That shouldn’t be forgotten.”

“We’re showing in this world, compared to the old world, where you used to hear about deficits, new problem and new issues. Now we’re showing how we can work together, show better results, and I’m really excited about partnering, again with the mayor and city council and only watching that path get better and better.”

“We’re all focused on growing the city of Detroit, a tremendously exciting outcome. … We’ve got an outstanding outcome, far better than people’s expectations.”

From Duggan:

“The Plan of Adjustment gives us the tools to have a chance to succeed.”

Some of the city’s consultants, hired before the bankruptcy was filed, will continue with the city specifically for financial matters.

“All the drama has been on the bankruptcy side. It hasn’t been with the city officials. … People of the city have seen the improvements.”

“We’re going to start fresh tomorrow, and we’re going to do the best we can to deliver the services people of the city deserve. … Tomorrow’s not different than any other day.”

“Kevyn Orr. Former Emergency Manager. That has a nice ring to it.”