All About the Retirees: Information about the bankruptcy vote

All About the Retirees: Information about the bankruptcy vote

Fairly or not, one of the criticism the local media have endured about coverage of Detroit’s bankruptcy is too much focus on court proceedings and officials and not enough information for city retirees, pensioners and employees.

That should change today with a comprehensive package of stories in the Detroit Free Press. The lead piece is Susan Tompor’s overview of the voting procedure, focusing on retirees. She explains the ramifications of “yes” or “no” votes from the two classes of city pensioners — police and fire and non-uniform workers — and profiles individual retirees who plan to vote both in favor and against the city’s plan.

Tompor is the Freep’s Personal Finance Columnist and she plans a web chat  from noon to 1 p.m., Monday, May 12. As part of the Sunday package, there are three question-and-answer pieces. One is an overview of what’s in the voting package. Another includes a description of what’s at stake with the vote. A third provides even more detailed, yet easy-to-understand information specifically for retirees about who votes, why they can’t just sue to keep their pensions and where they can get more information.

Along with Tompor’s informative set of stories, Free Press columnist Nancy Kaffer weighs in about the latest happenings in the historic Chapter 9 case. She writes today about the bills introduced last week in Lansing that would provide funding toward the city’s restructuring, explaining how negotiations have produced lower-than-first-expected cuts to pensions. Kaffer says:

A solution to an eminently solvable problem is close. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.