Don’t Sell the Art: DIA Director speaks to graduates

Don’t Sell the Art: DIA Director speaks to graduates

Admitting his last year “hasn’t been a very enjoyable one,” Detroit Institute of Arts Director Graham Beal discussed the museum’s role in the city’s bankruptcy case during his speech to Schoolcraft College graduates. Some creditors have urged selling off the museum’s collection in order to pay other outstanding debts, but Beal and others are fighting to keep it intact and raise funds for pensions.

The Detroit News reported on Beal’s appearance, writing:

More than 400 graduates attended the ceremony at Compuware Arena in Plymouth. In addition to honoring the graduates, Schoolcraft College presented Beal with an honorary associate of arts degree. He did not directly address plans for the DIA, but did talk about how the DIA was founded based on collections and donations that were, in many cases, given to the museum by wealthy families. The artwork was eventually taken over by the city.

Beal is among the 30 witnesses the city plans to call during the hearing on its post-bankruptcy plan, scheduled in July.

From The Detroit News: