Expert Witnesses: Candidates in interviews today

Expert Witnesses: Candidates in interviews today

Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes is holding job interviews of sorts today with four men and one woman who applied to work as the court’s expert witness in determining the feasibility of the city’s eventual plan to exit from bankruptcy and operate in the future. Rhodes eventually will issue a final order with parameters for the city’s financial structure, management, operations and other provisions, and, to his credit, he’s looking for help in evaluating it.

The expert witness’s role “is not to help the city solve its problems. This limited assignment is simply to help me evaluate the feasibility of the city’s plan, whatever it may be when it comes up for confirmation, and the reasonableness of assumptions that go into its assertions of feasibility,” Judge Rhodes said this morning.

The applicants are being questioned by the judge, city attorney Thomas Cullen, of Jones Day, and two attorneys chosen to represent the creditors: Guy Neal, who represents an insurer of Detroit Water and Sewerage bonds, and Barbara Patek, who represents police and firefighter unions.

Judge Rhodes says he will decide today or at the latest Monday whom he will choose.

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4.14.14 Expert Witness Applications