Friday isn’t finished: Another city deal…with AFSCME

Friday isn’t finished: Another city deal…with AFSCME

Because one end-of-the-day announcement wasn’t enough, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 25 and the city today released a statement that they have “completed a series of tentative agreements” for nearly all 2,000 AFSCME employees working for the city of Detroit.

The agreements, the union said in a statement, “build on the master template agreement,” which was announced April 28 and covers about 3,500 workers in 30 labor groups, including most of AFSCME’s. Mediators said the agreements “will be presented to active employees” ahead of a June 30 ratification and state approval.

“We remain severely concerned with the way this bankruptcy has been handled from its inception,” AFSCME Council 25 President Al Garrett said in the statement. “However, the agreements we have achieved are, in our view, the best path forward for city employees and retirees.”

Mayor Mike Duggan must also be happy. Five-year agreements extend well beyond his first term leading the city, meaning labor negotiations won’t happen for years.

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr isn’t left off of the growing “love train” either. As part of the agreement announced today, AFSCME’s leadership also agrees to campaign for “yes” votes by pensioners on the Plan of Adjustment. Without pensioners’ acceptance of the plan, the “grand bargain” money goes away.