In the News: Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s State of the City speech

In the News: Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s State of the City speech

If you missed the speech, listen here.

Or watch DPTV’s coverage here.

News Stories:

Council Member Saunteel Jenkins like some of what she heard.

“Strategic demolitions” to begin soon.

Mayor Mike Duggan laid out what he said is a strong case that change can come quickly for Detroit in the Detroit Free Press.

Mayor Mike Duggan vowed Wednesday that “change in Detroit is real” to fix broken city services, as reported by The Detroit News.

AP tackled the mayor’s “strategic demolition” plan to tear down vacant and fire-damaged homes.

Fox 2′s recap of the speech with video

Channel Four’s coverage

Channel 7′s report

Channel 7 also filed a separate report about Duggan’s “D Insurance” proposal: a city-run auto insurance program to combat high rates for city resident.

“Hello jobs, goodbye blight.” That’s not the Reuters headline. But here is their story about the speech.

Editorials and Columns:

Big hopes that Duggan can cure Detroit’s big problems” from the Detroit Free Press.

Duggan projects action, optimism” from The Detroit News.

Freep Columnist Rochelle Riley writes “The first thing you want to ask Mayor Mike Duggan, after his first State of the City address is: ‘You really think you can do all that stuff you just said?’ The second thing is: How can I help?”