It Takes Two: City using pair of PR firms during bankruptcy

It Takes Two: City using pair of PR firms during bankruptcy

PRWeek, the online publication for the public relations industry, outlines the roles of two public relations firms in the city’s bankruptcy in this article that focuses on how the city is messaging that it’s a good investment.

And not just a good investment for those looking to make big bucks or “a local or national political audience,” explains Bill Nowling, spokesman for Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, who talked to PRWeek for the piece. The “investors,” he says, are the residents as well as the pensioners and other creditors who will vote on the city’s Plan of Adjustment that was filed in bankruptcy court last month.

It’s the latest phase in the message plan, that has evolved, Nowling says:

“We have spent an enormous amount of time coming up with a very specific and detailed plan of adjustment that tries to treat all of our creditor classes as fairly as possible, keeping in mind that the number one priority of the city is to continue to provide and improve services for its residents,” said Nowling. “That is the whole point of going into bankruptcy.”

The two firms contracted by the city are the Farmington Hills-based Duffey Petrosky and Abernathy MacGregor. Nowling, who is “on loan” to Orr, so to speak, is the director of public affairs and issues management at Duffey. Abernathy MacGregor, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Houston and San Francisco, specializes in “high-end corporate, strategic and financial communications” for crises management, bankruptcies and corporate restructuring.