Michigan Citizen: “Grim ‘Future City’ for poor neighborhoods”

Michigan Citizen: “Grim ‘Future City’ for poor neighborhoods”

Our Detroit Journalism Cooperative partner, the Michigan Citizen, weighs in about the Detroit Future City plan.

Don’t wait for the street lights to come on because they will not — in certain neighborhoods. Nor will there be any kind of infrastructure investment in the neighborhoods written off by Detroit Future City planners. Instead, there will be forests and storm water retention ponds, limited public transportation, and only those residents who brave it out.

The Citizen, in the piece published this week, highlighted the opinions of Wayne State University Law Professor Peter Hammer, who finds the plan fails to address the “three Rs” that are so important to the city’s future: race, regionalism and reconciliation.

Hammer, who also directs the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights, spoke with WDET’s Craig Fahle about the same issue.

Hear the audio here.