News from Lansing? Orr meeting with lawmakers today

News from Lansing? Orr meeting with lawmakers today

Seeking support for the state’s share of the “grand bargain,” Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is in Lansing today meeting with lawmakers.

For review:

The “grand bargain” includes the $100 million pledged from the Detroit Institute of Arts and the $366 promised from foundations to shore up pension funding and protect the museum’s collection from sale to raise money to pay the city’s creditors in the bankruptcy case. The city’s plan to emerge from bankruptcy includes $350 million of state money as part of the bargain and requires pensioners to vote in favor of the plan as part of the bankruptcy court process.

Since Gov. Rick Snyder proposed the $350 million state contribution earlier this year, the boards of the city’s pension systems have agreed to settlement terms with the city and the foundations have released their commitments. What remains is the state appropriation, and that’s what Orr is hoping to help secure this week.

He’s in meetings throughout today and tomorrow with party-specific groups of legislators and the governor. If you’re looking for instant coverage, here are the Twitter handles for some of the reporters working up there today:

@RickPluta, reporter/producer for the Michigan Public Radio Network

@KathyGray, political reporter for the Detroit Free Press

@ChadLivengood, capitol reporter for The Detroit News

@ChrisGautz, capitol correspondent for Crain’s Detroit Business