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  • Bing’s (tweet) that makes you go “Hmmmmmm”

    Former Detroit Mayor Dave Bing got himself some re-tweets and favorite-ing today when he kicked this out to the world:

    Does anyone have any guesses as to what this might be?

    By in WDET
  • Mayor Bing: “We were bankrupt”

    Former Mayor Dave Bing talked with Detroit Free Press business columnist Carol Cain for a piece in today’s newspaper. While focused on his future plans for charitable work, Bing offered a few reflections on his single term as mayor.

    He knew bankruptcy was inevitable. So Cain asked: why didn’t he do more sooner?

    “We tried to do as much as we could without scaring people to death,” he told her.

    With plans to launch a mentoring program for African-American boys in the Detroit Public Schools and to continue running the Detroit Recreational Foundation, Bing says he has no plans to run again for public office.

    By in WDET