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  • Entrepreneurs and Detroit’s Future: The opportunity, the law and the renaissance

    Expectations are, in many circles, that small businesses and entrepreneurs will assume a meaningful role in Detroit’s financial and economic recovery. To explore that future, the Wayne State University Law School is hosting a lunchtime discussion today titled “Detroit’s Renaissance: The Intersection Between Economic Development, Entrepreneurship and the Law” in a free event.

    Panelists are Gabe Karp, a partner in Detroit Venture Partners, Josh Linkner, managing partner of Detroit Venture Partners and founder of ePrize, Gary Torgow, chairman of Talmer Bankcorp, and Eric Wiliams, director of the Program for Entrepreneurship and Business Law at Wayne State.

    Entrepreneurship, Williams says, is as much an attitude as a type of enterprise. And it’s an attitude that could be fostered in Detroit’s future of building back, being willing to innovate, and ignoring the status quo to find what works. All of that will be explored today.

    “The discussion is going to be what that would look like and what is in place to facilitate that and what needs to be in place,” Williams says. “Entrepreneurs have played and will continue to play a large role in Detroit’s recovery. We’ll discuss what can be done, what should be done to make sure they’re able to play that role and that everyone is able to participate.”

    More information is available here.

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