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  • On The Takeaway: Detroit’s bankruptcy and one man’s wrongful imprisonment

    An advisory panel agreed the city of Detroit should pay Dwayne Provience $5 million to settle his lawsuit and compensate him for the decade he spent wrongfully imprisoned.

    Then the bankruptcy hit.

    Now, National Public Radio’s program “The Takeaway” is reporting, “When a city goes broke, it’s not just banks and pensioners who don’t see a pay day, it’s people like Dwayne who have filed suit against the city and are way down on the food chain.”

    As wrote, “a handful of individuals whose lives sometimes were severely disrupted or perhaps ruined by city-related activities are now considered ‘unsecured creditors’ by terms of Detroit’s Chapter 9 filing. These people were litigating their civil rights cases against the city when the bankruptcy filing halted those procedures.”

    Provience is one of those people. He was released from prison after Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy dropped charges against him. Provience’s attorneys say Detroit police withheld evidence that could have cleared him.

    Provience spoke with The Takeaway about his case and what he might expect, if anything, from his lawsuit.