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  • Detroit’s Chief Mediator: Judge Gerald Rosen speaks about the bankruptcy process

    Chief U.S. District Judge Gerald Rosen is also the chief mediator in Detroit’s bankruptcy process. Confidentiality is observed regarding the ongoing talks, but Judge Rosen appeared at a news conference June 9 at the Detroit Institute of Arts where the Detroit Three automakers’ $26 million was announced as being added to the Grand Bargain funding.

    Because it is so rare for any federal judge to speak publicly, let alone the one who is overseeing negotiations in history’s biggest municipal bankruptcy, Next Chapter Detroit is sharing Judge Rosen’s unedited remarks today. He recounts some of the history and development of the Grand Bargain, thanks those who are contributing money, recognizes work left to do in the Chapter 9, and finally lauds and introduces two representatives of Detroit’s 32,000 pensioners.

    “I couldn’t help but think maybe we’re setting the template here in Michigan for how this should be done,” Rosen says. “It’s about Detroit’s retirees who have given decades and decades of their lives devoted to Detroit.”