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  • State of the City: What will Duggan deliver?

    In advance of his first State of the Citspeech tonight, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has received a lot of proverbial ink. Here are a few pieces worth checking out:

    WDET brings a bit of history about the State of the City with Mayor Dave Bing’s 2011-2013 and Kwame Kilpatrick’s 2008 addresses available.

    As part of their America 360 Series on Detroit, The Atlantic and The National Journal profile Duggan and present a Q-and-A with him. “Nothing came easy for Duggan in his quest to become Detroit’s first white mayor in some 40 years,” they write in their introduction.

    On Feb. 25, Duggan received the “Newsmaker of the Year” award from Crain’s Detroit Business. In his lunchtime speech, he urged the business community audience to help stop scrap metal theft and produce their executives as volunteers for city program and services.

    We’ll have reaction on The Craig Fahle Show Thursday.

  • How the EM and the Mayor learned to get along

    In The Detroit News today, Darren A. Nichols reports on a “work in progress”: the professional relationship between Mayor Mike Duggan and Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr.

    As Orr focuses on the city’s finances and restructuring plan (to be submitted to the bankruptcy court this week) and Duggan leads most of the city’s daily operations, the two men have reached what they say is a productive relationship based on mutual respect.

    “We’ve actually had some frank conversations, but they usually end up with a consensus being built in some way,”” Orr told The Detroit News. “It’s a level of confidence and almost a sense of earnestness that when an agreement is reached, that’s what’s gonna be done. You don’t have to come back and revisit it.”

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