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  • Art v. Pensions: Rochelle Riley on “Tell Me More”

    On the National Public Radio program “Tell Me More,” Host Michel Martin spoke with Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley about the city’s bankruptcy. They tackled the Plan of Adjustment, the Disclosure Statement and what everything means for residents, pensioners and the city in general. “The biggest highlight of course, is there’s going to be a horrible pension cut…. This is something people are very, very upset about,” Riley said.

    During the conversation, Riley said no one appears to be very happy with the plan, and it’s becoming a matter of choosing sides. “The art lovers are outraged that there’s still a possibility that the DIA is not safe because this deal is not a done deal yet,” she says. “Folks are still trying to figure out which side of things they’re on, art versus pensions. Doing this bankruptcy at all versus not doing it. There are still legal challenges to the bankruptcy itself and whether Detroit had to do this.”


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