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  • Yes, Virginia, there is a bankruptcy

    The Richmond Times-Dispatch today published a guest column written by Alex Nyerges, director of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The VMFA is owned and maintained by the Commonwealth of Virginia, just like the Detroit Rodin ThinkerInstitute of Arts is by the city of Detroit. You can see where this is going…

    He is alarmed by the possible sale of the DIA’s collection, opining “a ‘forced’ sale would not only destroy the core of this great American museum, but it would betray the entire principal on which art museums were established: to hold works of art in trust and in perpetuity for their community and future generations. The precedent that such a sale could set has been a matter of acute concern to American museums and should such a sale occur it is unlikely any American museum would participate.”

    Who would buy the art? Read his piece.

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