What They Said: Orr, Snyder speak to NYC audience about Detroit

What They Said: Orr, Snyder speak to NYC audience about Detroit

The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research livestreamed its Monday event, “Detroit: The Next American City of Opportunity,” but in case you missed that, here’s the coverage from Detroit’s daily newspaper.

The Detroit News  in this report focused on “the upbeat assessment” offered by Gov. Rick Snyder and Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr during the hour-long forum.

During the nearly hour-long event, Snyder and Orr discussed the unsustainable legacy costs that helped drive Detroit into bankruptcy; the improvements already under way as part of the city’s restructuring; and the need for local, state and federal leaders to work together to sustain change. They also agreed that schools must improve to attract and keep families in the city. Snyder praised new Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan as “fully engaged,” saying he’s working well with Orr, who was appointed emergency manager last March.

The Detroit Free Press, meanwhile, focused on the potential events in the near future here in Detroit.

Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr said he hopes to secure enough support “within the next couple of weeks” to achieve a consensual resolution to the city’s Chapter 9 bankruptcy, but he warned that time is running out. … With creditors’ support, the city’s restructuring could speed quickly through a trial starting July 16, when U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes will consider approval of the plan. But without creditors’ support, the city may attempt to implement a forcible restructuring plan in a legal process called a “cram-down.”